Humphrey Blackburn in peru
Feb, 2013

Bio- Humphrey Blackburn, M.S.

Humphrey Blackburn has worked with water for over 30 years. He began looking into slow sand filtration while in graduate school at Humboldt State University in 1989 after working on projects in Chiapas, Mexico and Nicaragua. He saw the advantages of intermediate technologies for places where human resources and land were accessible, but working capitol and highly trained personnel were not. Slow sand filtration became the object of his graduate studies in a school noted for its innovative approach to environmental issues. Humboldt State is famous worldwide for its research into constructed wetlands and sustainable energy technologies.
Humphrey has worked with small communities, non governmental agencies, relief agencies, governments, and private enterprise in a variety of ways. This has included assessing existing water/wastewater efforts to find ways to improve them, training regulators in appropriate methods for small communities to meet regulations. He has conducted independent research for clients to look into appropriate tech solutions for housing developments, large and small. He has worked with private enterprise to develop and bring to market sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems.
Over the years he has developed a number of innovations, and patents, taking advantage of state of the art materials and new knowledge to bring costs down and make these technologies available to an ever expanding user base in the US and worldwide.  His designed filters have been utilized throughout the United States and in 20 countries.
Mr. Blackburn frequently writes papers for organizations such as the American Water Works Association, International Water Association and has presented at such events as the Water Executives Forum as well as numerous rural water associations.
Always open to interesting new projects and directions, you can contact Humphrey Blackburn at:
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