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the USEPA Small System Compliance Technology List for The Surface Water Treatment Rule (slow sand filtration is listed on page 24), EPA 815-R-97-002 August 1997.

Slow Sand Filtration, World Health Organization's Water Sanitation and Health division, 1974.

UN High Commisioner for Refugees (UNHCR),  Water Manual for Refugee Situations. Slow sand filters recommendations listed on page 38.

Slow Sand Filtration (in PDF format), National Environmental Services Center, National Drinking Water Clearinghouse, June 2000.

Research/technical papers on slow sand filters

Visualisation of the establishment of a heterotrophic biofilm within the schmutzdecke of a slow sand filter using scanning electron microscopy, Biofilm, Volume 6, Paper 1 (BF01001) 2001.

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of the Microbial Community in Slow Sand Filters Used for Treating Horticultural Irrigation Water, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, April 2003, p. 2116-2125, Vol. 69, No. 4.

Molecular Characterization of Legionella Populations Present within Slow Sand Filters Used for Fungal Plant Pathogen Suppression in Horticultural Crops, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, January 2003, p. 533-541, Vol. 69, No. 1

For reference to regulatory requirements of slow sand filters in the United States:

*National Primary Drinking Water Regulations Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule as published in the Federal Register/ Vol. 63, No. 241 /Wednesday, December 16, 1998/ Rules and Regulations
Recommended Standards for Water Works (Ten States Standards), 2003 Edition, Great Lakes-Upper Mississippi River Board of State and Provincial Public Health and Environmental Managers.

The Design of Small Water Systems, New York State Department of Health,Specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers for projects as outlined in Operational Guidelines for Humanitarian Civic Assistance Water Supply Systems, US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District.

Specified for use by the Indian Health Service of the US Dept of Health, Redding and Ukiah offices. Blue Future Filters are approved as meeting the above standards for use throughout the United states.


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